Request for scans for future CDs

Just a reminder that I'm still looking for scans of any HP manuals that are not yet included on the current CDs or not yet promised for the next set.

If you have any HP calculator manuals that you could scan that are missing from both these lists, please let me know. Also, I hope to have a little spare time in the future for scanning myself, so if you have any manuals but can't scan them, I would be willing to scan them if you would loan them to me. Likewise, if you can scan, but have no manuals, perhaps you could post and someone with some manuals might be able to loan them to you.

An incentive:

As I mentioned before: HP found a stash of old HP-01 Pens. Also in the stash were a few other items like unsold HP-01 bracelets and leather straps, HP-01 replacement battery case/watch openers, HP-01 assembly tools, HP-41 ROMs and entire application pacs, a printer, a tape drive, battery doors and holders etc. I will be giving these items away (along with some spare items of my own) to people who scan manuals.

Please coordinate with me before scanning so two people don't scan the same manual.



I've made some progress scanning the manuals I've promised, but have two questions:
Do you have a mechanism to "assemble" individual .pdf's into one? (I've scanned and printed individual pages to .pdf's, but that's not particularly good for a complete manual.)

When do you "hope" that all of the promised manuals will be scanned so that you can compile the next CD? (That is, should I get on-the-stick and hurry and finish? : )



Good morning Michael
Please forward me you individual PDF's and I will assemble them to a whole document for you. After that let me know if you prefer to have them send back to you or you want me to forward them direct to Dave's ftp. best regards Stephan.


Speaking of things not yet promised for the next set, there is one oft requested 71B document that seems to have eluded being scanned ( or found as it appears no one has ever responded to any of the requests AFAIK ). Specifically, this is the "HP-71B Hardware Specification" as it is called in SASM.DOC ( from the HP 48 Software Development Tools ). The only other reference to this that I know of is from an old (1987) HP parts list where it is referred to as
"00071-90071 Hardware Design Specifications - English" .

I know there must be many people who read this forum that own this and I am aware of certain people that I know for *sure* must have it. Please do those of us that don't have access to this document a favor and scan it for inclusion on the next CD set. If you don't have the time send it to me and I'll do it myself! :D ( I'm serious )



( Remove the random permutation of "NOSPAM" from my e-mail address before replying. )


Hi, Dave;

Is there a way to post a list of manuals you are sure that exist and are not available in the Museum? That would help much.

I have some in Brazilian Portuguese, but I am sure they are something as bonus, not regular material. I also have some Brazilian (Portuguese) comercial folders, like some I sent you. I have a scanner and I can scan them for you.

Let me know.


I have a copy of a HP85B Assembly-LeveL Service Manual, June 1983, that I would like to contribute.



Wow Stephan -
That is very kind of you to offer this help!
How should I "forward" the pages to you?
It could be "difficult" to do by email, due to limitations in sizes of attachments, or number of emails, if sent by small "sets."
Do you have an ftp location that I could send to?
Any other suggestions?

Also, this first manual is small (about 100 pages). Some of the others I've offered to scan are on the order of 1000's (yes, thousands!) of pages!
Is there a clever way that I could assemble the .pdf's myself for those, or is there a better way to do all of this?

I would not necessarily need the manual "returned" to me before you forwarded it to Dave, as I WILL buy the next DVD or CD set...
I like Dave's idea of doing a DVD!



I have this manual. Unfortunately I´m not equipped good enough to do proper scan. Should I send the manual to you Dave ?

BTW I have several manuals in French and Dutch. Do you yish to include them on the future CD set ?


Hi Michael
Your idea of a ftp server is great. unfortunally I do not have such a thing but stand by, I will have a short chat with my friends. Might be that one of them has a server and can give access to us. Then you can forward it to them and I'll catch the PDF's from there. I call you back let's say after the weekend if this is OK with you? So long Stephan


A one-page PDF is kind of a strange concept because PDF is a multi-page format. If you can only create one-page PDFs it might be easier to just scan to tiffs and import those into a PDF tool. For example, if you sent me 100 one-page PDFs I would have to use acrobat's document append function 100 times, but if you sent me 100 tiffs, I would just do an import, select them all, and let Acrobat to the work.

Perhaps Stephan has a more automated method however.


I don't have a single integrated list, but when I asked about this in this thread. There were quite a few missing manuals listed. Even the combination of all these lists may not be complete.

Keep in mind that some of these may have since been scanned as listed here.


Can you scan it?


We already have a small but growing collection of German manuals and one French manual promised for the next version. Portuguese would be good too.


As I mentioned above, I'm interested in a variety of languages. Please email me to work out the details.



I could scan the following manuals:
HP9825A Operating (german)
HP9825A Quick Reference (english)
HP9825A System Test Booklet
HP98035A Real Time Clock (english)
HP98032A 16-Bit Interface (english)
HP9830A Quick Reference (german)

Maybe for those interested in technical details or repair of old calcs the original US patents including schematics and ROM listings could be usefull.

I have the original scans (from USPTO) of
HP9805A, HP9810A, HP9820A, HP9825A, HP9830A, and HP65.



I've added you to the list for the HP9825 German operating manual and the German HP9830A Quick Reference Manual.

I believe the other manuals are on the list currently.

HP has chosen not to permit copying their ROMs (except for certain user/RPN code listings). I've never asked them about copying schematics. Do you have any available?


Dave your absolutely right. But I think Micheal only got now PDF's. To rescan all the documents is much more time consuming than just use the acrobat add-page function. By the way, would it be possible to use your server for me and Michael in order to exchange the doc's? It would meen to give me a temporary copy access to your ftp? If yes, great! If no, I will look further. Thank you in advance, Stephan.



I have noticed that a HP67 QRG has not been available yet. I have a German version HP67 Kurzeinleitung, that I would scan if you want, but will also like to have a scan of an English version, which I do not possess.

I also have a HP25 and a HP34C Kurzeinleitung, that I am ready to scan, if you require.


... I sold some months ago the naviation pac... Had I known...



Actually, I could even burn a CD and mail it to Stephan, if necessary.
I scanned the documents page-by-page and printed them to .pdf's, because I didn't "trust" Microsoft Word 2000 to take that many .tiff's in ONE document and not crash! (We used Word at work with large ASIC design's with pictures and it could NOT handle documents that were 1000's of pages large!)

I'll be happy to do the other documents that I promised as a more "integrated" doc, if you guys can suggest a good way!
I could even use some other program or Cygnus (UNIX-like) utilities to process the .tiff's or whatever...

For this particular manual (HP3468A/B), I think Stephan is correct - it IS easier to keep what I've already got and just have Stephan do the "page add" command.

Let me know what to do on both accounts...



Hey Mike, don't worry. Stand by with the CD (but a very good idea indeed) if I don't find a ftp until Monday we do it with the CD. But you have to send them to Switzerland - I do not know were you live, but I think shipping to Switzerland wouldn't be that expencive for one or two CD's.
best regards Stephan.


Stephan and Dave!

I found the original .jpegs that I made the .pdf's from! They were more compact than the .tiff's (which I didn't save).

Can your Acrobat program import the .jpg's, Dave?
(Or I can actually try importing them all into Microsoft Word as I said I was afraid to do, but hadn't really tried for THIS application, and print them out as one .pdf...)

Perhaps next time I'll just scan .tiff's (like for the HP3421 Service manual, which is HUGE), and get those to Dave for assembling...



What kind of output to create depends of course on what Dave can use. Direct to PDF is probably best for actual distribution. However, for interim scans, I suggest PC Paintbrush (.pcx), GIF, or PNG format. These are usually as compact as all but the most compressed jpegs, and MUCH smaller than TIFFs. And, they preserve ALL the original information.

I just scanned 300 pages of lecture notes for my astronomy class, in pcx format, and each page is about 500 K. These are handwritten pages, so there is a lot of empty space, which these formats are good at compressing in a lossless fashion. Maybe for densely printed pages the advantage is not so great.


I have many (and need many more) manuals for the HP-41, HP-41 Peripherals and such in languages other than English. Also non-English copies of books by Wickes, Jarrett and others.

Dave, I will email you an Excel spreadsheet. I still have about 60 books, QRG or other HP-part-numbered documents.

I can scan some. Also I have a lot of EduCALC catalogs that may be of interest.


As far as I have inspected them, he original patents contain the complete schematics of the electronics. I used the schematics from the 9810A patent for a successfull repair of a heavily demaged 9810. So I believe they are really usefull. As the patents are 'public domain' I don't see any problem with HP.



It seems to dislike lossy formats. It will read gifs, bmps and tiffs. Compressed Tiffs are OK and much smaller than normal tiffs. (I think uncompressed tiffs will typically zip quite well though.)

jpeg is a tricky format for scanning in general since it doesn't accept 1 and 4 bit per pixel color spaces which are best for manual scans.

Somewhere above Microsoft Word was mentioned although I don't quite understand how it fits into all this. Is word somehow being used to scan? I had no idea it could do that.


Michael can place them in the incoming directory at and then send me an email. I'll then move it to the main directory where you can read it.


Any schematics that have been made public domain via publishing in a patent would be great to have.



Yes, I would like scans of the three German Quick Reference guides that you have. Thanks!


Dave, thank you very much in advance. Michael if you send the e-mail for positive transaction to the incomming at Dave's, please copy me in. I'll then get it from there. I'm looking forward to it. Stephan



I get very good results on generating PDF documents with almost all types of figures, including JPEG`s. I use a Word® for Windows` plug-in, so I build the document in Word then I convert it to PDF. There is one format that crashes the convertion, and I believe it is monochrome TIFF.

Resulting documents keep all the final look the original Word documents have.


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