Is It Possible to "Overload" HP-48G+ Memory?

I tried to use the <left-shift> MEMORY function to look at the contents in my 48G+ when I got an "Insufficient Memory" message displayed across the top of the screen instead of file or object names.

Initially I got the same message when I tried to redisplay the clock, as it disappeared from the top line when I turned on the unit, and when I tried to use the <left-shift> MODES function. I tested its batteries, and they were next to totally kaput, so I put three fresh AAA 1.5 Duracell batteries in to replace them.

The clock came back, I could access the MODES menu, but MEMORY still gives the the "Insufficient Memory" message.

I *COULDN'T* have maxed out the 128K of RAM, right??

Or, is something wrong on the circuit board?


Actually you already gave the answer to your, ahem, question?

Since the batts were nearly flat, you should take into consideration

that memory contents are corrupted.

A coldstart (ON+A+F, then YES) will help.



Ugh. I don't like cold starts.

Oh, well. I hope I don't lose anything.

Thank you, sir!


It worked! And, all I lost were the contents of the stack, which is okay; I was done with those figures.

Thanks again, Raymond!

Edited: 28 Mar 2009, 10:26 p.m.

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