Emu42 v1.11 is available now

A new version of Emu42 is available is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/.

Sorry that I haven't published a new version for over a year now. The new Emu42 version got some improvements under the hood

  • debugger disassembly with symbolic entries
  • RPL object viewer inside debugger (UNRPL engine)
  • GIF bitmap image support (Free42 decoder)
  • some minor cosmetic changes
  • all bugfixes of the last year

For the symbolic disassembly an entry point list is necessary. For further details how to enable this feature look into the Debugger.txt document please.

The new HP28S entry point list now contain over 2200! entries. I don't know further public entry point lists for the other emulated calculators.

When you want to go through the HP28S RPL objects, open the debugger and add the HP28S entry point list first. Call the RPL object viewer and also open the Find dialog in the context menu of the Memory section.

In the "Find what:" field type in "76C20", thats the RPL object prolog in reverse order, and press the "Find Next" button. With every "Find Next" you jump to the next object. You see, there're still many objects whithout a name. Finally enjoy your journey through the decoded HP28S RPL objects.





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