Call for HP71 emulation for iPhone - JFG et al?


Given the great success of the Voyager emulators as well as the Hp41(and Hp42...) emulators on the iPhone I'd like to make a plea for our emulation gurus to think about an HP71 emulation on the iPhone. The iPhone is definitely fast enough and powerful enough to emulate the HP71 and if we were able to emulate the HP71 with say Math/JPC/Finance(very selfish of me....) it would be simply AWESOME to have all the great classics on the iPhone.

Also, I would not be surprised if a 'i71' application at say 20 USD would have the opportunity to generate a little bit of business for the producer(s) of the emulation as well. All aside the accomplishment of doing it!

What do you guys think? What are the difficulties? Any takers?




JFG's EMU71 is the only HP71 emulator I know of. EMU71 is freeware but not open source; starting a new HP71 emulator from scratch is a lot of work.


Anything is possible. I had no problems porting x48 (48GX emulator) to a slower circa 2004 ARM processor ( And it actually runs faster. So Saturn emulation (71B uses Saturn too) is not an issue. However the rest of the 71B HW emulation I suspect is non-trivial.

I did get EMU71 and EMU41 running on my Blackjack using a DOS emulator ( I also have both running on my old Zaurus (same 2004 ARM processor mentioned above) with DOSBox and Bochs.

So, a DOS emulator for the iPhone may be an option. But, I think it will not be very usable. I use iSSH on my phone in extreme emergencies and find that trying to have an 80x24 display with keyboard very cumbersome. 71B for the iPhone would be better as a new app. However if you want to try it out I can probably setup a Linux machine with DOSEMU and EMU71 and you can use iSSH to get to it and run EMU71.


On a similar line...Can the HP-71B be emulated on the HP-75C ?

I am (kind of) new to the HP world, and recently got an HP-75C, and don't want to spend $250+ on a HP-71B if it can be (or has already been) emulated on the HP-75C.

Thanks !


Giovanni, I don't think so. The HP-71 BASIC is similar to the HP-75 implementation but more powerful. It would be hard to implement the added functionality on the less powerful system. If you check my BASIC comparison sheet (work in progress), you will understand what I mean. PDF OpenOffice

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