Crimson Research Voyageur Simulators for iPhone

Forgive me for being out of touch, but I just discovered the recently released and free 11C, 15C, 12C, and 16C simulators. The interface looks almost exactly like Tom Fors' releases, and indeed seem to have all the functionality but no cost.

Does anyone know about Crimson Research? Are these the Nonpareil releases directly from Eric Smith that have been long anticipated?



Ho ho ho, Christmas come early.

I've been 'saving' to get myself an £11.99 15C for Christmas...

Thank you Crimson, whoever you are.


If you click on the logo (upper right corner) on the simulator you will be taken to the info screen which states the simulator is based on the Mac OS X port of nonpareil.


The Tom Fors paid version, SCI-15C, has some nice features that may for some make it worth the extra money--I like the larger key option and the duplication of the crib sheet from the underside of the actual calculator.

But, apart from that, it seems that the Crimson Research version is essentially identical. I ran a couple of integrals and routines in each and I don't detect any speed advantage of one over the other.



The CR version(s) seem to be gone from the app store now. Christmas came and left early it seems.


There is some discussion that there may be potential copyright issues with some of the later HP calculator microcode. Perhaps this is why the free nonpareil iPhone/iPod Touch versions of HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-15C and HP-16C were pulled from the Apple App Store?


"I've been doing a lot of reading in the various websites where work on HP calculator simulation is done, and there appear to be licensing or copyright issues with some later microcode, e.g. I see where the nonpareil distribution was being discussed as split between free and not over this. So it may well be that some kind of copyright issue arose."


That matches the fact that recent Nonpareil distributions lack the voyager emulations (from what I've read here.) If the new 12C hardware (Arm based) uses Nonpareil as its base platform, I can understand that HP is keeping its hands on the 12C code.


All of the Crimson Research Voyageur Simulators have disappeared from the App Store!

Anyone know what happened??

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