Emmanuel Compes

This is the mail I sent to Emmanuel just before. I sent it to all addresses of him I know:

"Emmanuel Compes" <xeq41@tele2.fr>

"Emmanuel Compes" <eu1396742@tele2.fr>

"Emmanuel Compes" <aviator76@hotmail.fr>

"Emmanuel Compès" <emmanuelcompes@tele2.fr>

On Ebay he still sells items. Here all accounts I know from him:


shturman76 --> Active now!!!

3e0_rtn --> Active now!!!

Hi Emmanuel

The annual HP meeting 2008 in Allschwil is over. I had the opportunity to discuss a lot of things with the other 20 attenders.
One of the topics was dealing on Ebay, especially with you. Many of us have bad experience dealing with you. Some of us are waiting since 2 years for our items we paid.

Do you know that your act is illegal and criminal?

We are all *very* dissappointed about you, especially of your behaviour to us. You sometimes (maybe twice a years!!!) answer our mails and say you are ill. We offered you several times to send back the money we sent to you or to explain us the problem exactly.
I tried very often to get in contact with you and to be sympathetic to you and your illness. As your words were very dissapointing to us I can no longer trust your words. Maybe it is time for a clear statement in the forum as you still try to sell stuff on ebay (xeq41, shturman76, 3e0_rtn and maybe other names) and everybody is warned to deal with you.



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Hi Matthias,

has the group (mostly Europeans I suppose) thought about law suits? Civil as well as criminal?

Anyway, thanks for warning the community!


George Bailey


No, we didn't. This is my personal oppinion, but I'm shure the group shares this.
As my deals with Emmanuel are older than 2 years (and I'm still waiting for my paid items) I can not do anything. I can not claim on ebay and I can no longer send a negative feedback. I can only warn you, trading with Emmanuel as long as he does not expain his problem and as long he does not fixes this.



Thanks fo the warning.

I don't have an issue with him, but maybe if all who still have an open case would gather and contact ebay to open a class action, they may do something.


since ebay's computers will generate an answer in english and many of you europeans do not speak it as your first language, let me translate their answer to you.

"we have your money. what's the problem?"


I can only say I seccond this to 100%, sad as it is.


Thirded. At a value of 100% as well.


Perhaps another Emmanuel ebay alias:


Interestingly, looking at the feedback for his multiple accounts, he seems to have good experiences when trading with himself:

xeq41 left positive feedback for emmanuelcompes0vrf.
emmanuelcompes0vrf left positive feedback for shturman76 multiple times.
emmanuelcompes0vrf also left positive feedback to xeq41 multiple times.

(It does not appear that shturman76 is registered anymore. Is there a common theme running through the information?)

Full disclosure: My ebay ID is kctongo, and 3e0_rtn interfered with an HP-41 ZEPROM auction of mine this summer by placing muliple ascending value bids, and as soon as the high bid was disclosed, retracted his bid and claimed he entered the wrong amount; all within a few hours of the auction end. When questioned, said that his son was bidding for him and made a mistake and that if I contacted him anymore about it he would report me to ebay for harrassment.

Dan Grelinger

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I have not had any experience with this man (thankfully). Therefore I cannot comment on him as an individual. However, in general someone who behaves as has been described here would be considered by most folks to be a professional crook. Can you induce a crook to repent and make good to his victims by shaming him?

Perhaps these posts serve a useful purpose in warning others to stay away, but beyond that I don't see what good they serve...


If you can point eBay at a seller who is bidding against himself, or bidding on his own items, that will get him banned. Do your homework and that should suffice.

Another way -- assuming you have already filed a Fair Trade complaint against him (all of his aliases) -- is to talk this up in the eBay forums. The more you guys can discuss it in there, the better visibility it gets with buyers AND eBay.

Years ago I got scammed and one of the one ways I was able to get satisfaction was the group-think in the forums. We complained about him and nailed every one of his new auctions, and were finally able to close him out of business (that we know of). We never got our money back, but it was enough to spare others the pain.

Most likely, sharing the information here will protect all of us, but beyond that, he won't feel a thing. Start pointing out his auctions and habits on eBay enough and he WILL start to feel it.

The guy's a jerk. Anyone is who scams people out of money. The shameful part is that he clearly has knowledge of HP calcs, and it frustrates me that someone with that level of knowledge is so malicious to others...


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