HP-41 Eramco Systems RAMBox

Does anyone out there have the HP-41 Eramco Systems Compact Ram Unit (manufactured inside the card reader case)? I have two of them, but only one is functional. The functional one has the memory enable switches through the case. The non-functional one has no memory enable switches, is labeled SoftSelect, and the volatile software evaporated when the backup battery died. I am able to load software into the upper 8K, using write enable switches inside the unit, but cannot figure out the software commands to read/write enable the lower 24K. These functions were supplied with the original software, which I don't have. Any contacts would be appreciated. Thanks.


Try emailing someone at HPCC http://www.hpcc.org/index.html

I had some very obscure questions that were answered by their resident guru. (well, one obscure, and one really dumb one :-)

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