Voyageur Emulators for iPhone now available through AppStore

For those of you, like me, too chicken to mess with jailbreaking, Thomas Fors' Nonpareil based Voyageur emulators are on sale.

I bought the 15C one. The good news is that it is positively gorgeous and works just like the real thing. The bad news, if you look at it that way, is that it is expensive as far as iPhone apps go--20 bucks.

I bought it without hesitating as a devout hobbyist and one keen to support Eric's and Thomas' work. I think those with a casual interest may give it a pass, given the plethora of free and less expensive RPN calc choices out there. But for those of us around here who don't hesitate to pour piles of disposable $$$ into this great hobby, 20 bucks is a small price to pay to thank Thomas and Eric for all of their work to bring us a chunk of fully functioning history to the iPhone.

I paid a small fortune for a near mint 15c that I am afraid to look at funny. It is great to have this simulator to play with without fear of dust and scratching!

Many thanks to Thomas Fors and Eric Smith!



Yes, I bought it as well :) And great to see it finally available!

Well, not cheap given the low prices of other iPhone/iPod touch programs, but I agree. I paid much more for a HP-16C in good condition. If the 16 gets released I will get it as well.


If the 16 gets released I will get it as well.

The 11C, 12C, 15C, and 16C all using the real ROMs have been released. Just search for 16C.

The actual name is PRG-16C. Search for that exactly in the iTunes store. Pops right up.


Silly me, got it :)

That "PRG" brand I didn't see. I found it when looking at the developer name from iTunes :)

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