Let's talk about the new calcs ?

May be I missed the messages, but I didn't really see anyone mentioning the new HP OfficeCalcs 100 and 200, the HP PrintCalc 100 and the HP QuickCalcs. They're present at the site and will sell for prices that range from 5 USD to 24 USD. The QuickCalcs can be bought for 17 USD the set of 3.

OK, OK, they are algebraic, large display, office looking things,but may be they are the first breed of a new trend !!!!!!

Uau !


Boa tarde, Jose,

OK, OK, they are algebraic, large display, office looking things,but may be they are the first breed of a new trend !!!!!!
Which positive trend do you see there? HP going from scientific RPN and RPL calculators to cheap office type 4.5-bangers? Not really the kind of trend I feel positive, or did I miss anything important?



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My $0.02 on HP "Office" line....

Always liked the larger form factor HP desktop programmables..especially the 97.

Perhaps these "Office" units will lead HP to make a desktop form factor scientific (programmable/printer) model in the future.

In any event, I have ordered an OfficeCalc 200 just to see what HP has done with the "merchant's size" calculator.

It would be a real shame if it is just a rebranded version of an Office Depot special; OTOH..if it has some of the HP "look and feel", it is an interesting step in a new direction.

John Stark

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