HHC 2008 in Corvallis is 4 days away!

Looks like this will be another exciting conference. Lots of great info to share.

Who is coming?


Who is coming?
Hmmmh, assume the folks listed here (link!)? Since you didn't add a potential participant who registered with less than 1% probability of attending, you don't have to subtract him now d;)

Edited: 23 Sept 2008, 10:32 a.m.


I am .. with 2 presentations for a new root-seeking algorithms and a new curve fitting approach using mutant polynomials.

I am scheduled to arrive in Portland at 11am. I am renting a car and driving to Corvallis. I will be happy to give a ride to one or two people. Let me know.

See you there!

PS: On September 26, 1986 I was on my way from Richmond to Vienna, VA, for a PPC conference. Before making it I was involved in a head-on car crash with a drunk driver. The crash totalled my car and sent me to the hospital. So on this September 26, I promised myself to drive safely AND slow.


Who is coming?

Gene, if you, being one of the committee coordinators, don't know, then we're in trouble ;-) (Joking!!! :-)

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to see William (Bill) Wickes on the list, but noticed recently that his name is gone. There are however, many really, really, big names from the HP calculator Hall of Fame that will be there! Thank You for coming!!


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