HP 3x Series Internal repairs

Does anyone know if display componets are interchangable between models within the 3x Series? I have a 33c that has lost its 10th digit and would like to repair it. If anyone out there does repairs in general on HP 45, 65, & 33e/c's I would like to talk with you.



Goto http://www.fixthatcalc.com/


Thanks - I'll check it out.


Frank, Spice series calculators are difficult to repair and I think Randy considers them on a case-by-case basis. Also, keep in mind that the service takes a while, though it is worth it and in my experience Randy usually underpromises and overdelivers, despite the caveats about wait times on his site. I have sent hundreds of dollars worth of work his way since 2006, and I don't begrudge a penny. He resurrected my beloved first HP41CV and restored to full working condition a 65, 67, and 97 I acquired when the collecting bug bit. He is a class act, but given this he is very busy.



Thanks to all of you. I have contacted Randy and will be sending him my recently aquired HP 33c for help. I plan to create a simulator of the HP 33c for a Pocket PC and similiar machines. I already have a Windows version of an HP 45 that I should be able to re-release shortly for Pocket PC as well. For those who are curious about the HP 45 simulator check here: http://frankbarberis.tech.officelive.com/IQ56.aspx


I notice he doesn't list the 71b??

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