EMU71 HPIL error


I'm trying to use EMU71 and I think I have is mostly sorted.

My 'ini' file looks like this

; emu71.ini initialisation file of emu71

; 10 softwired modules max., plus 1 hardwired module at E0000

; port(1-5) type(ROM,RAM,HRD) size(Ko) file



1 ROM 16 hpilrom.bin

2 ROM 32 mathrom.bin

5 RAM 32 iram1.bin


HDRIVE1 mydisk.bin

HDRIVE2 lexfl1.lif

However when I try to use either HDRIVE1 or HDRIVE2 I get the error:


What have I missed or misunderstood ?

Many Thanks


Edited: 6 June 2008, 5:59 a.m.







The error "HPIL ERR:No Loop" happens when trying to access a non existing loop (the HP-71B can manage up to 3 loops, for instance "CAT :MASSMEM:2"). Early versions of Emu71 didn't manage any loop at all even if the HPIL ROM is loaded, and this error was returned for any HPIL function.

My advices:

- check the Emu71 version or date, maybe are you using a very old one,

- check the command syntax, for instance "CAT :HDRIVE2", not "CAT :HDRIVE:2",

- reset Emu71 by deleting the file sys71.dat (-> "Memory lost").



Many Thanks guys.

It was an old version of EMU71.

Working fine now !


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