New MLDL2000 Software now released

I finally finshed the new version of the MLDL2000 Manager. Please follow the link to my website and download version 1.50. Sources will be uploaded in a month or so, when this releases proves to be stable in the field.

At that location is also the official new firmware release for the MLDL2000. This fixes the swapped banks 2&3, and is more stable in some configurations. The firmware sources are available as well

The software has the following additional features:

* Disassembler with support for mainframe labels and 8K ROMs

* Backup and Restore your MLDL2000

* Auto uploading (finds next available ROM space)

* Full support for MOD files, and the possibility to manipulate them

* Firmware upgrading

* Preferences dialog

* and many smaller improvements

Functions like the disassembler and MOD file handling can also be used without having an MLDL2000.

The documentation is nearly finished, will be online in a few days. The texts are done, only need to paste in some updated screenshots.

Should you find any unexpected features (=bugs) in the software please let me know so I can fix them.

Now it is time to move on and start serious work on V2 of the MLDL2000.



"In some configurations the MLDL2000 was unstable after pressing
keys, resulting in wrong timing on the ISA output.
This has been resolved by changing Synthesis optimization options.
Instead of optimizing for space, the firmware sysnthesis is now
optimizing for speed."

How do I do to change this configuration?

Excellent updating. Fantastic work

Edited: 30 May 2008, 10:20 p.m.


For a firmware upgrade, connect your HP41, start M2kM and choose Tools -> CPLD Upgrade in the menu. Open the firmware file (the file with extention .xsvf) and push program (after reading the further instructions).



When it disconnects the cable the hp41CX has a strange behavior and when it connects the hp41CX has a normal behavior

My configuration:

A HepaxR1 0 SRAM
B HepaxR2 1 SRAM
D Hepax1 8 FLASH
D Hepax2 9 FLASH
D Hepax3 10 FLASH
D Hepax4 11 FLASH

Firmware 1.5

Some help?


Can you give me a more precise description of the abnormal behavior? I have seen this before, and that was due to a bad electrical connection. Can you make a backup of your MLDL2000 then I can try to reproduce the situation.



The keyboard is crazy: -)

You could compile the version 1.5 for size and not for speed, so that I can test

Email so that I can send the backup

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