Pause on HP 97/67

It is possible to simulate a "Pause" fonction in an hp 97 program ? I mean display a result during a short time without stopping the program and without manual intervention ?


How about 'f PAUSE'?



André already gave the answer. Just to remind that this function - PAUSE - is the 2nd. function of the [R/S] key (left-botton key, primary keyboard). When it's part of a program, its code will be

16 51



Sorry guy,
My question was really stupid. My second (or third ?) hand hp 97 has some of its lettering wiped off, and the "pause" under the R/S key had disappeared. And as I didn't have the manual...
Thank you for your answers, I found the function, and it works well !


... and you can see all the functions for all keys available at the 97's keyboard.


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