what I did...what do you think?


I had a dead Hp32SII ( only Keyboard was faulty).

I found in a store an HP 20S and bought it.

what I did was swaping its LCD and main board.

the result is great, someone will think that it is supid? but I ve been using a 32Sii during 5 years.

here is the pict...



Not stupid at all. If it works fo you, that's good enough.


I think what you did was admirable. My only question is how are you going to use it effectively? The key mapping is quite a bit different...

Could you not have somehow put the 20s LCD onto the 32sii faceplate?


Jeff K


I think he needed the 32sii LCD (as well as mainboard) because the LCD of the 20s is very different.

Remember, the only think bad was the keyboard, and the keyboard is the only thing that is electrically and mechanically identical!

(But he'll need to do some painting now, I think.)


I ve been using my 32SII during 4/5 years and I press keys nearly without looking at them, but have to recognise that I will have to put the overlay from the 32sii to the 20S...



Very nice job, nacho. That's very clever !!


You probably already know that if you heat it up with a hair drier to soften up the glue, it will be easier to peel up the overlay without major damage.

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