[OT] I'm a Daddy!

I just thought since many of you have met my wife Katie at the HHC conferences you may wish to know that both she and baby are doing well.


Just to make this a little more on topic. . . I added in a picture of what I consider to be the most used 50 in existance ;-). I think I've put more keypresses on that than any other unit in existance. First 50 I got and I'd expect I've put several million keystrokes into it and still no problems at all!



CONGRATULATIONS!!! Having and raising children is what life is all about!

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Hi Tim.

Congratulations to you and your wife!!

Keep up the good work ;-)

Best regards.



Congratulations and good luck to you all! Now you've ENTERed a new phase of life. Enjoy!!! And sleep well in between ;)



Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Children add a special dimension to our lives.



Congratulations indeed, to both of you.

There are many precious things in life that cannot be found online, even at an auction site. :-)

Enjoy your baby!

I can tell that the baby will be raised properly, in an environment filled with quality calculating devices.


Congratulations Tim and Katie. You have got some abolutely great years ahead of you (at least until the kid hits middle school). Enjoy the ride!


Congradulations to you both - You are about to discover that there are some things in life that take up even more time than calculators!

Make the most of every minute of the experience.

Mike T.


Congratulations Tim and family.

And welcome to the HP Owners with Sleep Depravation Club !!!



Congratulations Tim. May Kaylin have Katie's brains and beauty along with your..........um...........programming ability!


All the best to you all, especially the new little one!


Hi Tim,

Congratulations on a lovely baby. Give my regards to Katie and I'm looking forward to seeing the three of you at HHC2008. :-)

Bruce Horrocks


Congratulations! :)

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