HP 91 Printer

Hi, after take apart one HP-91 (S/N 1605Sxxxxx)for little works of restoring, I have found that the printer lack of the 'out of paper' switch. The printer and the calculator work well, but I don't have never saw nothing about this kind of printer.
Any comment or further information will be apreciated.
Best regards from Italy.


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Everything you'll ever need to know about the printer can be found in the 97 service manual. It is on the MoHPC DVD collection.


Hi Randy,
thanks for your answer. I have the DVD and for long time I have still respored many 97, for reader and for bad printers subsistems, but I never have saw one printer without the switch. This printer is born without the oop-switch, nobody has removed it from the printer. I hope this post be more exaustive about the state of the printer. Have you saw this before?



Sorry, I misunderstood.

No, I have never seen a Topcat or 41 printer without the two out-of-paper switch parts installed.


No problem, Randy.
Next time I will post some links to picture of my 'exsotic' printer.


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