HP 41S - 2013

I dream ...

Within 6 years, 41 years after 'the first' slide rule pocket calculator was launched. (I hope we don't have to wait till 1979 + 41 years = 2020 ;-) ) HP launches a HP 41S.

How can it look like :

- Similar (very simple) hardware compared to the 'original' (not too much keys.
- Not an expansion card reader but an expansion for (Bluetooth, IR or SD cards)

Keep on dreaming. I don't hope so.


The other day I was on the train reading a very interesting paper. In it there was a table of coefficients from a regression analysis. Simple, but way beyond what the 15c, or even the 41CX would be good for.

I entered one small regression into the 15c but the next day I grabbed the 49G.

The newer tools are so much more veratile! Frankly I think a handheld with spreadsheets would have been even better.


Actually I doubt the future of the "personal calculator", maybe with the exception of school use (to prevent cheating). I would imagine a powerful smart phone with Mathematica built in and character recognition - maybe just scribble your formula onto the screen just like a sheet of paper. The plain old calculator is just something for old scholers (like me), in 15 years it's as much history as a log table 8)


The plain old calculator is just something for old scholers (like me), in 15 years it's as much history as a log table 8)

The pocket calculator will be around for a very very long time, without a doubt. Much much longer than 15 years.
You simply can't beat the simplistic user interface and the price. You can buy a scientific calc for just a few dollars, and 4-bangers are practically free.

Saying the calculator won't be around is as silly as saying the pen and pencil won't be around because computers and printers are so much more powerful.



I'm not sure this newfangled pen and paper stuff will ever be successful. I think they have serious disadvantages compared to clay tablets.

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