Application to convert Hp 41C programs into Hp 50g pgs.?


This is a shot in the dark:

Has anyone out there written an application that converts Hp 41C programs into Hp 50g programs? I'm looking through my Mechanical Engineering stuff and have some useful little applications...



I'm not aware of any 41-to-50g program converters, but you could give HrastProgrammer's (commercial) HP-41X emulator a try; see

Note that Hrast himself is not very enthusiastic about running his emulators on the 49g+ and 50g (see, the paragraph near the bottom of the page), but maybe you can try a demo version to check if it will do the job for you.


- Thomas


Has anyone out there written an application that converts Hp 41C programs into Hp 50g programs?

I rather doubt it; programming these different models is just so,
well, different.

Other than Thomas's suggestion of using a 41 emulator on the 50g,
I'd think that the best thing would be to study the programs
enough so that you really understand how they work, and then,
otherwise pretty much "from scratch", write programs to accomplish
the same things on the 50g.

If RPL models are new to you, then you might start by reading Bill
Wickes's HP 41/HP 48 Transitions, available on
the Museum CD/DVD set. See



James and Thomas:
Thanks for the two links. I think I need to make the programming jump. The book should do me well. There is a huge leap between programming the 41 and the 50. Oh well...
Thanks again, -Migs

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