Hp-35s pricing $59.99 -> $79.19

It looks like HP raised the price on the 35s. I ordered one yesterday and the price was $59.99. Today the price is listed as $79.19. I think the calc is a good deal at $59.99 but I would have passed at the new price. I hope they don't consider it a pricing error and try to get the $20 from me. I arrives tomorrow, I hope I don't have to send it back!




HP Store

says 59.99.


well, if you go here:


and press the BUY ONLINE button, it adds it to the cart at 79.19. I could have sworn the price was listed on the same page yesterday at 59.99. All I did was a refresh and the new price showed up.

I guess HPshopping is different than the BUY ONLINE option??? Why would they do that? (and spy on the board)



Price looks like it went up!!!!!


Have they:
1. Put back R->P and P->R and
2. Replaced the display with mate one?
If so, I'll gladly order one right now :)



you're paying the small&medium business surcharge! If you go to www.hp.com, then go to home & home office, you'll find it still for 59.99. I tried also the large enterprise and hoped to find it for 367.87 (including the 3 year warranty on-site service plan), but they don't offer it there.

But hey, when you buy the 79$ version from small & medium business, look what you get (click on shop online):

Product Details
HP LP3065 Flat Panel Monitor with 30 inch screen, TFT, 300 nits brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 0.25 mm pixel pitch, 2600 x 1600 resolution at 60 Hz refresh rate, Carbonite

Ain't that cool?

This reminds me of this joke from the early days of Russia after the Soviet union:
Two biznismeni meet. "Wow, nice car, how much did you pay?" - "500 000 Rubles at Dmitri's." - "You Idiot! At Fjodor's you could have gotten it for 800 000!"

Cheers, Peter.

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Well, still 60 at samsons and propably others, perhaps hurry to order if anyone that dont have and still want the bug packed thing ;-)


I went here after reading the postings and decided to order a 35S and 12C Aniv which was discounted $12. Shipping was free and the calcs were on my porch yesterday (Friday) afternoon. They shipped to Phoenix from Memphis.

I think the case with the 12C is a bad joke. I thought the DVD would include more than one video and maybe even some text materials.

I have been looking for the posts about serial numbers and bug lists but no luck.

sn cna72103289


I have been looking for the posts about serial numbers and bug lists but no luck.

The "bug list" for the 35s is being maintained as an article here. It is a list of bugs as well as desired functional changes.
Regarding serial numbers, this thread presents a lot of them. As far as I know, all serial numbers have all of the bugs, if that is what you are looking for. Your serial number fits right in with the early units. In fact, it is lower than mine, and I ordered from HP on the first day you could.

I went here after reading the postings and decided to order a 35S and 12C Aniv which was discounted $12.

Funny, I ordered the same combo a couple of weeks ago. :) I was holding out to get one of the wide-enter 17bII+'s as well, but when the discount started on the 12C AE I decided now was the time.

I think the case with the 12C is a bad joke.

No kidding! The thing is hideous! I'd like a soft leather case with a flap on the 3inch end so it could still fit into a shirt pocket. Without that, the open-ended leather slip case would be better than the "special" case.



Apparently they fixed the pricing in the small&medium business section. It's down to 59.99 USD, but you lose the flat panel which was bundled with it :-)

Cheers, Peter.

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