What is considered optimum charging time for rechargable battery/power pack 82120A and 82059B re-charger/AC adapter combination? OK to leave it plugged in overnight? This from a newly acquired 41CV set. Thx.


The instruction card that came with the 82120A battery pack recommends 12 to 16 hours for a full charge. It also recommends disconnecting the pack when it is fully charged, using it until the low battery indicator comes on, then fully charging it again. There is a warning that leaving the charger connected at all times will greatly limit the capacity of the battery. (Normal capacity is 6 to 12 hours of continuous program-running on a full charge.)

Of course, this is assuming the pack is factory original; if the pack has been rebuilt, then capacity and charging time will depend to some extent on the type of replacement cells used. In that case, whoever rebuilt the pack should be able to provide details. I'd assume that the standard instructions still would be at least close to optimum.


I have measured continous running times with the 82120A battery pac, and get between 10 and 22 hours, depending on the health of the Ni-Cds.


My 82120 pack had a few "green grains" around a terminal, which I have cleaned off, but no apparent leakage. Is lack of charge-ability the only tell-tale for impending NiCad demise? The pack seems to hold up well under use. Guess I'm just paranoid, after all the ruined 41's I've read about, so I was able to locate an alkaline pack from one of the fine folks on this group. Thx.


Correction; with the 82120A, I get up to 14 hours continous running time. With full size Ni-Cd N cells (Radio Shack) I get up to 22 hours.

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