Memory Module for 41CX

Can a memory module work on a 41cx. i bought one and don't know how it works, or if it can work on the cx or for that matter if it works at all.


I dont think so...the CX has the full complement of memory internally. Memory modules were used on the 41C to double (single memory module) or quadruple (quad memory module). The CX can use an Extended memory module but the memory is not available directly.


The 41 CV and CX already have the maximum RAM included inside. Extended memory (sort of a RAM disk) is the only way to have more memory, although not directly addressable. BTW, the -41CX also has the X Functions implemented internally.


The HP 82181A Memory Module has 238 registers(1666 bytes); but to use programs or data stored there, they must be transferred to main memory. The necessary functions are provided by the HP82180A Extended Functions/Memory Module


My earlier (hastily Written)response may be misleading:the HP41CX does not need a separate Extended Functions/Memory Module HP82180A,because, unlike the previous HP41 models, the Extended Functions are built in as well as 124 extended registers. Section 13 in the Owners Manual deals with extended memory, and Appendix Edeals with Extended Memory Modules.


As everybody who replied your message said, both the 41CV/CX have the possible addressable RAM complete. If you connect a memory module (designed for the 41C), this may cause a problem in your machine as it will try to address a certain position in memory and will find two. It can freeze or produce a bug.

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