Is it safe to buy the 35s now?

Hi all. I've finally done all the research I possibly can and have decided between the TI-89, HP-50g, and the HP 35s. I am going to go with...drum roll please...the Hp 35s and 50g. 50g seems relatively easy to find in store, but I can not find the 35s in any store. Is it only available on line? If so, what is the best place to order one. (Will I get the "fixed" calculator from the HP site?). Any comments on any of this, especially whether I should wait on the 50g in the hope of a 35s restyling of the it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Luke Hoffmann


My friend Luke, I not know what fixed with fixed model, but I sure you find good 35s where ever you go. I not know where best to buy. I bought mine from, I know some buy from Samson Cable, and some from HP. I sure where ever you go, you be okay.



I purchased my 35s from the HP Home and Office web site a couple of weeks ago and am perfectly happy with it (no liters to liters misprint, no mis-aligned display).

HP shipped quickly - had it in three days. I bought a 50G at the same time as it was discounted to $119.95 shipping included. Unfortunately that sale ended.



well, the perennial whingers can carp all they want about the 35s and its many faults and bugs, but this is the first hp calculator i've owned in 15-20 years that i could pull out in front of someone else knowledgeable about calculators and not have to apologize for some egregious quality flaw.

i remember when the first singapore calculators came out and everyone said hp had gone completely down the hill--hit rock bottom quality-wise. little did we know then that we would soon be paying premium ebay prices for these very calculators while hp found unplumbed depths to their quality trough.

now if hp will only bring something like the 35s from the stone age into modern times with more internal and flash card (sd, mine- or micro-) memory, a usb port and a win/mac/unix connection utility.



/guy, I wanted to say that you hit one nail right on the head. Even with all the issues with this unit right now, this is the first HP calc in at least 10 years (with the exception of the high end HP-50g) that I am really proud to show to anyone who is curious, even old HP calc users at my company.

It shows great, it works great, and it's back to that "oooh" factor that HP models have always had.

Good characterization there...


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