Did it...

That big enter key, the good US$ exchange rate, not in local shops until next year... Did my credit card stand a chance? Nop... Just ordered the hp35s from these Samson guys...

Well with any luck in the near future I will be a live one, not only one with a couple of dead hps somewhere...

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Hi Arne.

I think you did the right thing.

I myself received my 35S just yesterday (well, the packet was waiting on my office desk for me to come back from my summer holidays :-)

Don't wanna repeat things already said and repeated, but the first sight of the calc was enough to be fully satisfied with the purchase from Samson Cables.

On my side it took some patience (easy one: I was in no particular hurry as my 50G and my emulator(s) are running great :-); on their side there was enough assistance and feedback not to be worried, so...

All in all,

the good US$ exchange rate

allowed me to play with the 35S for less than 60 EUR - quite a good bargain, IMO.

Hope you'll enjoy your new "jewel" ASAP.

Best regards.


Thanks, good to hear from some that had good experience with company I now have trusted with my credit card ...:-)

One reasons I decided to place order with them was I asked them some questions on email, and got fast and good answers back, so gave good impression...


I'd like to second Giancarlo. After all, they delivered a cute HP35s to me for a very reasonable amount of money:)


My friend Giancarlo, you say 50G emulator. Where does one find link for this as I would like to see how it work.


Hi Vincze,

I'm not Giancarlo, but emulators for, if I recall correctly, the 48G, 49G, 48gII, 49g+, and 50g are included with Debug4x. Well, properly speaking, perhaps only one emulator, but with ROMs and .KML files (which define the keyboard and appearance) for all of them.

A limitation for the emulators for the 48gII, 49g+, and 50g is that it's the hardware Saturn processor that's emulated, not the underlying ARM processor, so they can't use the new assembly language instructions, or invoke any ARM processor operations. But as long as you stick to UserRPL, SysRPL, or legacy hardware Saturn code, they should give you a good idea of how the actual calculators work.

See http://www.debug4x.com/.



Thank you my friend!


Hi Vincze.

In addition to what James already suggested, you may want to try these Educalc resources:

HP All-in-1 Graphing Calculator Emulator: HP 38G, HP 48G and HP 39G, HP 49G, HP 50G

HP 3-in-1 Graphing Calculator Emulator: HP 39GS, HP 40gs and HP 50G

Hope this helps.

Best regards.


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