Chances of a bug-fixed 35s?

This is merely for discussion -- I'm not proposing anything, nor am I planning on returning my new 35s. ;-)

What do you think the chances are that HP will be releasing a cleaned up version of the 35s? Just the software bugs, not anything like keyboard, labeling or display issues?

There have only been a handful of bugs, but the list is growing, and I suspect we haven't seen the last of them. The 33s had a couple of bugs too, and I believe they cleaned them up about a year later, about the time they fixed the period/comma issue.

Another discussion topic: who does HP rely on for testing these calcs? I mean, they can't cover all the bases strictly using automated testing or regression testing -- you'd think they have to send them to actual users for beta testing and then fix bugs as they are found. With the possible exception of Gene Wright, I don't know of anyone who got a "beta" model to test, so that leads me to believe the test group (if there is one) is miniscule. You'd think HP would want to get together a group of hard-core users and have them test out the next new version, under non-disclosure of course, to get a good coverage...

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I nominate us for test group on any new calculator.

Wait. This is a short post so I should be able to take my time and not sound like a stupid Hungarian who can not speak English very well. Let me try this again.

I nominate all of us for the test group on any new calculators that HP manufactures.

That's better. :)

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This is the case since the embarrassing 49g (FHB;-)

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