It's raining calculators?

Out of the blue, I've stumbled upon a trading company in Indonesia who claims to have a fairly large supply of lightly used and New-Old-Stock HP 41CX and HP 42S calculators available.

The price for the 42S is $150 per unit, minimum order quantity 30. I haven't asked about the 41CX, but the minimum order quantity is also 30.

Seems like a great opportunity for a reseller (which I am not -- I have neither the experience nor the time nor the money for such a large purchase). But if I could buy just one or two of each, I'd be a very happy man indeed.


If we could somehow confirm the veracity, and legitimization, we could gangg together!


Here's what we do: We rastle up 28 more committments on this forum, and we pool our money to buy the lot.

I suggest, for those interested that we ammend the subject of each reply with the sequential increment of how many each commit to.

ie, I added "calc #2" to this subject title, since Seth wanted one, and I want one. If the next poster wants one unit, he/she'd add a three to the post, and so on...



Sounds like It's a very common technique to group together a bunch of technology items and essentially solicit "bids" on the purchase. I've heard both good and bad things abut sales like this. I'd be careful!

On the other hand, I might be interested. It's the old risk vs. reward debate.



I'm in for two...


It's the old risk vs. reward debate.

Exactly. I know very little about dealing with world trade. Tax laws, import laws, resale laws, licenses, fees... I'm ignorant of all of these, except to know that they're dangerous!


Save your money... Alibaba strikes again

While you're buying, why not pick up a few extra of these
They have Curtas too!

I think that if you ask nicely, some of these "suppliers" could probably get you a bridge or two built by John Augustus Roebling...

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Alas, I suspect you might be right. I did find this supplier through, but at least I had the sense to specifically ask for photos of their stock supply (rather than the one photo posted on their profile). I haven't heard back yet regarding the photos, and if they're a scam I doubt I will.

Here's their profile for anyone willing to pursue further, with great caution:


Alibaba is a strange world, no doubt. They do serve a legitimate purpose, but it is often hidden amongst scammers. I heard that at one time, they had a lot of "Transwarp Drives" and "Food Replicators" for sale if anyone was buying. I *hope* no one did. ;-)


#10 might as well be renamed!!!



Anybody foolish enough to issue an irrevocable letter of credit or bank wire transfer to an Alibaba vendor selling HP whatevers deserves the most predicable result.

Robin Hood and his band of merry thieves in Sherwood Forest at least had no pretenses... they just wanted your money for nothing promised in return.


Yes, unfortunately I thinks it's a case of if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

Great pity though.


Actually, I went ahead to get this business verified. Here is what my source reported about this Indonesian company:


The company Thambah Kali Kurang Pt is not listed in Indonesia Area code does not exist in Indonesia Phone number is not listed Medan starts with 61 Our advice is stop all contact and don't do any business with this contact.


If you're planning to do any business in Indonesia (!), check who you're dealing with first here .

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