HP-35s: Do you see what I see?

I was looking to the post about the case and finally, when I could take off my sight of those beautiful eyes (ahem...) I noticed that there is something written just at the botton of LCD screen (see the second picture). Does anybody know what it is?

Case link

Compare with this other picture where there is nothing.


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I don't know what that is. It may be some special engraving, since I think that unit was given as a prize at the Calculator Video awards last week by HP.

It isn't on mine.



It might be reflections, the second picture appears to have a lot
more light dumped on it.

dona nobis pacem


Wow, good eyes!! :-) I would never have noticed that...

It does seem like there is something there. Something related to the HP conference would make sense (I wondered how Tim got that calc early!), but could it possibly say <...gasping, holding breath...>

"Continuous Memory"

?? :-)



I think it reads one of the following: "My other calculator is a 42s!"

(Smiley considered unnecessary.)



"My other calculator is a 42s!"

To me, it rather looks like "Real cacluators don't use liquids of any kind"

Greetings, Max


I think Tim posted more photos. Here's what it says:

"Celebrating 35 Years"

Go back to the original link in the first post for more photos.

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404 error for your link!


I noticed that too after I posted. Not sure why there's a 404. The link in the original post has the additional photos.



404 error for your link!

Just reload the page several times and eventuall the image will apper, it shows a 35S with a gorgeous two-line dot-matrix LED display :-) I already ordered mine, it costs only 10 Dollars more!

Greetings, Max


Thanks for the extra pictures, Tim!

How funny to see Sam up there showing the 35s to the crowd. Reminds me of the big new product announcements at E3, with the executives bringing the place to a hush, and then boldly holding forth the newest new toy. ;-)

Maybe we should razz Sam about it the next time we see him. ;-)


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