New TTF available

Hi, all;

I was in the need to prepare some material related to the new HP48GII/49G+/50G series and I found no suitable font for the keyboard. So I decided to go ahead and I created this one:

HP50G Keyfont TTF

This PDF file explains the keyboard mapping and some interesting 'features'... Some guys will like a paticular feature, I guess.

I'd appreciate any feedback. I particularly found the characters smaller than I wish it should be, but it somehow helped me a lot when creating some presentations this weekend, as well as some document scratches.

Thank you for taking your time evaluating it. The TTF is free for use, and it is not yet finished.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 May 2007, 8:53 a.m.


Also the documentation is exceptional. Please do the same for HP-15C fonts ! ;-) (just kidding).

Thanks a lot for your hard work and for sharing it with the community, and

Best regards from V.


Hi, Valentin;

thank you for your fast feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

And if you allow me to mention, your feedback is particularly important because you seek for the best when doing things (just see the format you use in all your S&SC and the way you comment all posts and your own solution... we all know you spend considerable time on that) that I know your words of encouragement are a relief and a support for doing even better.

Thanks a lot.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 7 May 2007, 6:30 a.m.


Muito obrigado, Luiz,

especially for your fine work to do the tricky coloring of keys d:-)

As people say, appetite grows with eating, so may I ask you a question? Shoot me if it's impolite d;-) Is there a way to achieve similar results with your good old KeySet4 to have e.g. black keys with white print? No hurry, just want to know.


Edited: 3 May 2007, 5:44 p.m.


I agree,

it's a very good piece of art!

-- Antonio


Olá, Walter;

Não seja por isso. (common answer to 'Muito obrigado', something like 'Not for that')

Yeap, it can be done. But... it would need some different approach, because many characters found in KeySet4 have different sizes, so they´d need masks with different sizes as well.

In fact, I'm planning to rework KeySet4 (July vacances, maybe...). I noticed some glitches in some lower-case characters. Some of them have half-frames thinner than the ones in the whole set. You can see that they need leveling when using bigger characters.

Anyway, I plan to do a whole negative KeySet4, so you´ll have all the existing keys with black/coloured backplane.

I'll let you all know.

Thanks again for your support, folks.

Cordialmente (Cordially)

Luiz (Brazil)



Olha, Luiz,

estas sao novidades boas! Exciting announcements! So, IF you are going to rework, THEN please take into account the blue and gold print on dark back, too. /* Comment for our younger members: These colors were/are common on the calcs we love so well. May even be these colors are supporting this love. So it would be nice to be able to reproduce the respective keys when writing some manuals for these instruments (or for similar new stuff perhaps). */ CONTINUE dreaming: the opportunity to choose any arbitrary combination of colors within KeySet4 would be great (e.g. black print on colored back, white print on dark back, colored print on dark back). EOD (= End Of Dream).

AFAI understand your new keyset, you can compose exactly such keys there already. Thinking about it, you will need less characters than before in KeySet4 when allowing free color combinations. So you (and we) get more for less. I think I can even convince a controller now ... d;-)

Com os melhores cumprimentos, Walter

Edited: 5 May 2007, 9:26 a.m.


Olá, Walter;

estas sao novidades boas! Exciting announcements![quote]Era isto o que eu queria! (That´s what I meant...)[quote]*/CONTINUE dreaming: the opportunity to choose any arbitrary combination of colors within KeySet4 would be great (e.g. black print on colored back, white print on dark back, colored print on dark back). EOD (= End Of Dream).
Dreams comming true... Let´s tke a trip to sunny Frivoly with Ralph and Mum (Oops! Should watch Twice Upon a Time...) and check for the news. Indeed, that´s what I had in mind. After reworking the existing characters (have the key ones stored smewhere), I´ll go ahead building the masks. I have an idea in order to keep KeySet4 functionality while adding the background color, but it is still an idea. I´ll let it coocking in my brain, though.

Cumprimentos do Brasil (or Brazil, as you wish).


(OT: I don't mind reading the name of my country written differently, mostly because I know many countries have different names in other cultures. You see, German (Deutschland) is known here as Alemanha, closer to the way French people write it. The United States of America is written Estados Unidos da América in Brazil (in Portuguese, if we consider the language). In fact, we here add so many modifications to USA name (and pronounciation, as a matter of fact) that having a single 's' being exchanged for a 'z' in Brazil is totally harmless. In fact, this actually causes a closer pronounciation to the actual country name, in English)

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