42s Screen problem

As you can see, a black patch has form on the screen. Is there any way to DIY fix it? Or is this the end of this 42s?


Seems this is the end of this LCD :(

If you have another Pioneer to sacrifice, there may be a way out. IIRC, there were earlier threads about exchanging LCDs in this forum. May be worthwile to search the archives. Good luck!


If you have another Pioneer to sacrifice

I don't think it can be just any Pioneer, alas. My 14B and 32Sii seem to have a very different pixel size and density from the 42S. Can't speak for the 17B or 17BII.

However, the screen on my much maligned 17Bii+ seems very 42S-like. Is it remotely feasible, I wonder, to fetch a 17Bii+ cheaply and cannabalize its LCD, or is the similarity merely superficial?

Randy of FixThatCalc.com has a masterful awareness of display issues, so you could try writing him. I find he is very generous with his advice.



I wonder, to fetch a 17Bii+ cheaply and cannabalize its LCD, or is the similarity merely superficial?

Yes, it's merely superficial. While it appears the same from the outside, it will not work in the 42S. Been there, done that.

The LCD's in the 17B, 17Bii and 27S are the only compatible displays.

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