OT: Casio magnetic cards

A while ago I got these Casio magnetic cards:

I have no idea for which calculator they are. Does anybody know something about these cards? Otherwise they probably end up in the bin...

Thanks, Juergen


How about this one. ?

This is from: The great rskey.org site.

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It would be nice if they were from a calculator, but I don't think they are. Casio makes a variety of digital instruments, including office equipment and point-of-sale terminals. They're probably for one of those. I don't think Casio had a magnetic card calculator. I could be wrong though.


Casio Pro fx-1


Dont EVER throw those babies out (please) !

Here is my list of machines having sported magnetic cards, this list is surprisingly short IMHO considering the ease of use of this media, but it was probably killed by low storage capacity and mechanical fragility.

Most of the info here for exotic models comes from http://www.oldcalculatormuseum.com/ (a must-see site).

Handhelds :

- Casio Pro fx-1 as per Xerces' remark

- HP65

- HP67

- HP 41C/CV/CX (option)

- HP71B (option)

- HP75C/D

- SR52 oldest from TI

- TI59

Desktops :

- HP9100

- HP9810

- SR60

- Sharp Compet 363P

- Burroughs C3660

- Tektronix 21

- Monroe 1860

- Victor 4800

- Victor 4900




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