9815A up for auction

The fellow who sold me my HP65 just notified me of this .

Looks pretty impressive for anyone interested. I am putting a moratorium on my buying for now but I advised the seller that I would get the word out. Apart from a not clearly described connectivity issue with my slider switches on the 65 (partially my fault since I should've known the questions to ask), I am very pleased with that sale and recommend doing business with him.



I'd consider it if the printer was working. I've got a 9815 with a bad printer already. BTW anyone know how to fix what I think are burned out elements on the printer? Is a new head available? (doesn't have to be an exact replacement).


Looks to me as if only the feed mechanism needed to be redone. That's just a piece of foam on these machines.


Looks to me as if only the feed mechanism needed to be redone. That's just a piece of foam on these machines.

Yea but if the printer prints repeatedly in one spot without advancing the paper the prints heads can heat up and burn out. At least that's what I think happened to mine. So with this printers paper advance broken I wouldn't count on the print heads working either.

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