PC editor for writing HP49g+ programs


Today I was writing some routines for my HP33s by using vim scripts for HP41. It was fun & scripts perform nicely.

However, I see that soon I'll exhaust number of variables in HP33s, so will have to extend my program by using HP49g+.

Is there any editor which works on Linux or some scripts for HP49g+ for eg. Gvim which can be used for writing UseRPL programs on PC?



Any text editor, or a "word processor" that allows for "plain text" files, should work just fine.



Any text editor, or a "word processor" that allows for "plain text" files, should work just fine.


I know that, but I wanted something better :-)

Didn't find it right at the beginning, but I've found out there are wonderful scripts for gvim written for RPL language - probably RPL/2 - which works very nicely with User RPL - giving syntax highlighting, indenting...

All in all, highly recommended!


p.s. The above is included in official gvim distribution (tested on Gentoo Linux with gvim-7.0).

Edit:I forgot to give credit to the author of RPL/2
language who wrote the above mentioned scripts.

So, Gvim users, enjoy writing RPL programs ;)

Edited: 5 Dec 2006, 2:06 p.m.

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