MLDL 2000 And Modules

I would like a help.
Which is the best configuration for me to install "Hepax, Sandbox, CCD and I/O Extended"

My current configuration:

Mk2 Page 9 Port 1
Sandbox(L) Page A Port 2
Sandbox(U) Page B Port 2
CCD(L) Page C Port 3
CCD(U) Page D Port 3
I/O Page F Port 4

Because when ROM's are installed in SRAM 41CX has a strange behavior? : -)

In all the used ports set the bit 9 (ENABLE) and the bit 8 (FLASH (else SRAM)). Is correct?

I am changing my wife for one more MLDL 2000.
Does anybody want to do that change? :-)

**** Make a happy child. Donate a MLDL 2000 ***

I thank


> I am changing my wife for one more MLDL 2000.
> Does anybody want to do that change? :-)

Too late my dear.. I´m not married yet, but my wedding is in next spring... so, have all your rare wedding presents ready for me... ;)


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