48GX Repair Question

Is the "press above the D to make all the keys work" problem easy to remedy, or a permanent condition?



Is the "press above the D to make all the keys work" problem easy to remedy, or a permanent condition?

Not easy to remedy ... but with a lot of patience and skill and some luck it can be cured. So they say. Look here: http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/docs/opening/

I din't dare to perform this kind of surgery on my HP-48 yet, I rather keep the housing pressed with my other hand ... or use a different calculator!

Greetings, Max


Opening the HP48

Repairing the HP48

These are my own docs on how to open and do repairs on the HP48. However, please be warned. MANY, and I do mean MANY, people have broken their HP48 because they have no idea what they are doing. I've seen a quite a few "for parts only" calculators on eBay that even refer to my two links above.

If you plan to open up the calculator, make sure you what it is you're getting into. The most fragile parts are the six twist-tabs that hold the PCB and keep it tightly pressed against the key contacts. Twist these too many times and you will break them, oftentimes rendering your semi-working HP48 quite useless except for parts.

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Thank you, Max and Han! This is just what I'm looking for.

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