Free42s skins not appearing on Palm Treo 650...ideas?

I have the emulator and the skins, but maybe I just haven't put them in the right place.

I get the generic, ugly non-skin look to the 42s when I run it.

The Treo uses an Intel PXA270 "Bulverde" processor running at 312MHz.



I run free42s on a Palm TX. I don't have to put the skins anywhere myself--I just install the skins via hotsync as I would any other app or file and Free42 associates itself with them in the mysterious and somewhat impervious Palm file system.

By default, the "original" skin--white background, blue "keys", no 3D effect, really hard on the eyes--is the one that pops up on first run. Are any of the other skin choices offered in the Skin menu when you activate the menu (I don't know how you do that on the Treo--on a TX there is a little menu icon on the bottom of the screen)? If you do that and they aren't there, AND you have installed them properly thru a normal Hotsync, this seems to be Treo specific bug that Thomas should know about.




The white/blue skin is the one I see.

Under the skins menu, I don't see any other choices.

I don't install much of anything through hotsync (I have a macintosh). I copied the skins to the palm / launcher folder on my SD card. That's the same folder where the free42 program is.

Can you tell where the skins are placed?

Thanks for the reply...does this help anyone help me? :-)


Hi there.

I installed Free42 on my T5 and under the "Skin" menu I can see:

> Original

> Ehrling42sm (the one I chose as a default when turning on Free42)

> Reverse

> Standard

Are you using the version 1.4.22 (which is the one that I have) or a different one?

Ah, by the way: did you download the skins from ?

Best regards.


Edited: 20 Sept 2006, 3:18 a.m.


You have to install the skins via HotSync. Free42 can be run off an SD card, but all the additional files that it uses (the state, print-out, BCD conversion table, Free42 filesystem, and the skins) are kept in main memory. See here for a slightly more detailed explanation.

You're not the first one to stumble into this -- I guess I should document this somewhere! I think I'll add a note to the README.txt in the package.

- Thomas

Edited: 20 Sept 2006, 3:39 a.m.


If using HotSync is a problem for some reason, it is also possible to install Free42 skins into main memory using Filez: run Filez, select your SD card from the menu in the top right corner of the screen, click on the large "View and Edit Files" button, select the skin you want to copy, then select the Copy command from the File menu, and specify PalmCard as the destination.

- Thomas


The skins must be installed in the internal memory, as Free42 does not try to load them from storage devices... I will send a patch for that sooner or later...
You don't need to use HotSync: The Bluetooth File Exchange utility can send files to a PalmOS device directly to the internal memory.


And that fixed it. All I had to do was copy the skins from the card to the main palm internal memory.

thanks all. Perhaps this thread will save someone else the question in the future. :-)

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