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hp-48 AURM editions? - Bruce Bergman - 09-13-2006

I was poking around recently and found the AURM in PDF form online. In checking it out, it is Edition 4. I have the printed version, which is Edition 1. Does anyone know of an errata sheet or document that lists what was changed between editions? I'm sure they're just typos, but it'd be nice to know what needs fixing. ;-)


Re: hp-48 AURM editions? - sbirdasn - 09-14-2006

I have what I believe is the last version, it's V4.

Therefore, the PDF is the most recent (and last) version.

Even then, I found a bunch of glaring code listing errors that gave me fits. I walked my way through the entire book, trying each code listing that was given. I seem to remember about three or so examples that wouldn't work as printed. Figured them all out eventually, but I did a bunch of head scratching in the process.

That being said, I didn't try every function and/or test the stack diagrams for accuracy. I simply tried each example program to get a feel for the machine and how to run things.

Funny, but unless I missed it, there wasn't a single example of how to enter a GROB from the keyboard in any of the documentation. How you enter it and how it shows in the editor for viewing (or listings) is two different things. I had to resort to some web help to figure that one out.

Which brings me to the 48GX User Guide.

Went through eight (count 'em, eight!) revisions in about a year. Five in 1993 with most just a month apart, and three in 1994, also only a month apart. Signs of a rant that we've had many times before...