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rar files - david bowers - 09-10-2006

i bought a disk in thailand that contained various desktop calculators including an rpn one
when i put the disc in all the calcs came up as rar files, how do i open them, has anyone tried these

Re: rar files - Bill (Smithville, NJ) - 09-10-2006


RAR is a file compression formaty similar to ZIP. It was developed by RARLABS.

See following Links which describe the format and have links to some decompressor programs:

RAR (file format)

RARLAB, home of WinRAR and RAR archivers


Re: rar files - Etienne Victoria - 09-10-2006


Rar is just another compression format.

To unrar your stuff, just do the following:

- if you have a Mac under OS X : double click on the archive and it will unrar/mount on the desktop.

- if you have something else : download a freeware decompression tool/plug in
from here. [Courtesy Rarlabs]


Re: rar files - Namir - 09-10-2006

The free utility 7-zip can manage various compression formats including RAR. Click here to download 7-zip.