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Even more EduCALC catalogs - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 09-09-2006

In a 6 September thread Katie Wasserman reported that she had provided PDF scans of EduCALC catalogs number 12 and 41 which were not on the current CD.

The catalogs aleady on CD 10 are:

EduCALC Volume 27: 1985

EduCALC Volume 29: 1985

EduCALC Volume 45: 1989

EduCALC Volume 52: 1991

EduCALC Volume 52S: 1991

EduCALC Volume 53: 1991

EduCALC Volume 54: 1991

EduCALC Volume 58: 1993

EduCALC Volume 60: 1993

EduCALC Volume 61: 1993

EduCALC Volume 62: 1994

EduCALC Volume 63: 1994

EduCALC Volume 65: 1994

EduCALC Volume 66: 1995

EduCALC Volume 69: 1995

EduCALC Volume 72: 1996

I have the following additional hard-copy volumes in my inventory:

EduCALC Volume 55

EduCALC Volume 56

EduCALC Volume 57

EduCALC Volume 59

EduCALC Volume 64

EduCALC Volume 68

EduCALC Volume 70

I have really struggled with scanning so if there is anyone out there who would be willing to scan those seven catalogs I would be willing to loan the hard copies to them.

Finally, an off-topic plea: Viktor Toth's site has made available copies of most of the old issues of the PPX Exchange newsletter published by TI. He has been unable to find originals for Volume 1, numbers 1 through 5, published in 1977. Can anyone out there make those available?

Re: Even more EduCALC catalogs - John Cadick - 09-10-2006


I would be glad to scan the catalogs. Are the originals 8-1/2 by 11?


Re: Even more EduCALC catalogs - Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. - 09-10-2006

I think that they are 8-1/2 x 11 but I don't have them here at my summer home. I will not be at my winter home until mid October. When that time approaches I will try to coordinate a shipment.

Re: Even more EduCALC catalogs - Katie Wasserman - 09-11-2006

The ones that I just scanned are slightly less than letter size in both dimensions about 8.25 x 10.75.

Re: Even more EduCALC catalogs - John Cadick - 09-11-2006

I just wanted to make sure my scanner was large enough. It is.

When you are ready, send an email to j cadick at cadick . com.

Remove the spaces and use @ insted of at and you've got it.

address here is

John Cadick
5010 Worthing Drive
Garland, TX 75043