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How do I get started with System RPL? - David - 09-09-2006

I have downloaded Debug4x by Bill Graves which looks like a great IDE. It has some examples and I have found out some basics of putting buttons and fields on the screen.

Now, how do I get values out IN and OUT of the stack to do something with them?

I'm not even able to get register 1 added to register 2 and display the result in register 1.

This is very easy to do in User RPL,but I'm not able to find this basic type of info anywhere.

Re: How do I get started with System RPL? - Gerson W. Barbosa - 09-09-2006

I think this might be helpful:


Re: How do I get started with System RPL? - David - 09-09-2006

I have this and have been studying it. I have also downloaded some examples that go with this book, but I have been unable to get those to compile correctly. I presume that this is due to some syntactical differences between the 49 series and the 50g.

I've been trying to get the example called "First" to compile in the Debug4x environment. I've tried putting into some simple code that sucessfully compiles, but without success.

The example "First" merely computes the area of a circle from one value, the radius, supplied in register 1.

It's incredibly simple, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Re: How do I get started with System RPL? - Tim Wessman - 09-09-2006

Debug4x is quite tricky to use at first, but it is well worth it WHEN YOU GET LARGER MORE COMPLICATED PROGRAMS.

Programming on the calculator is best when you are just learning. Only when programs start getting really complex should you switch. This allows you to test and execute things directly. You will probably crash your calculator a lot, but you'll learn sysRPL much quicker this way.

In debug4x you'll need to specify a lot of information that isn't needed when you compile on the calculator. This information is probably missing which is why your code isn't working. If you'd like, zip it up (your folder with you basic code) and send it to me. I will set the options you need and add everything in so it will work. In the meantime, I'd suggest learning on the calculator. It is very easy to do.

Install emacs, sdiag, extable2 (all found in the emacs zip folder) and Nosy. These programs are all found on hpcalc.org

Appendix A in the book referred to describes a little bit about all these tools if my memory serves.