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Can 50G do fractions? - hal - 08-26-2006

Hi everybody.
Does the new 50G have a fraction mode, like the 33s does?

Thanks and best regards, Hal

Win a Free Ruggedized HP50G data collector - Tim Wessman - 08-26-2006

It doesn't have anything comparable to the "fraction mode", but there are several ways to display numbers as fractions.


Re: Can 50G do fractions? - Gene Wright - 08-26-2006

Go to www.hp.com/calculators

Select your country.

Select the HP50g to display the HP50g webpage.

On the right side of the screen, choose technical professionals under "training modules"

Select the PDF file labeled: "Working with fractions".

No mode, but very easy...no need for a mode, IMO.

Re: Can 50G do fractions? - hal - 08-26-2006

Great...thanks very much.