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hp48 gx running slow - david bowers - 08-19-2006

i am now surveying in fiji, as of late when i enter nos in the 48, using the tds surveycard programs it seems slow jumping to the next line for the next entry, as if it was cold or something. out of tds mode its fine, changing screens seems to take a couple of seconds longer, is it my imagination, i dont think so

Re: hp48 gx running slow - Les Bell - 08-19-2006

I'd say your 48 has simply adjusted to island life. Take it across to Vanuatu and watch it get even slower . . .


--- Les


Re: hp48 gx running slow - Randy - 08-20-2006

Very high humidity or liquid inside the keyboard can cause that problem. Let it dry out in air conditioning or a warm, dry place at least overnight.