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HP42S program (Survey-Quik Calc 42) - K Kelley - 08-16-2006

Help! I lost memory on my 42S and re-keying the program I am missing one page (the last program that actually starts the job opening program) Is anyone still using a 42S for survey work?

Any help will be greatly appreciated,

Re: HP42S program (Survey-Quik Calc 42) - K Kelley - 08-19-2006

Problem solved. Thanks Ed!

Re: HP42S program (Survey-Quik Calc 42) - Todd - 08-26-2006

I also have to re program my hp 42s and have lost my survey program. my last program was great, coord store, ml, trav, intersections and areas etc. can someone please send me a program i can key in. Thanks