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HP-10 Printing Calculator - Jeff D - 07-08-2006

I just picked up a HP-10 from a local swap meet for $12.00. There is only a very minor bit of corrosion on the two terminals. Is there any documentation regarding cleaning and repair or anyone who could comlete this?

Re: HP-10 Printing Calculator - Katie Wasserman - 07-08-2006

Wow, what a find, I'm sure that there are a lot of envious collectors here! If you look through the forum achieves you'll find some info about repairing the 19C and 10 that may help you. Also Michael Meyer's article might be of help: HP-19C printer overhaul discoveries since the 10 and 19C have the same printer.

Edited: 8 July 2006, 12:12 p.m.

Re: HP-10 Printing Calculator - Steve S - 07-08-2006

...Assuming that the corrosion is from the Ni-Cd batteries, a mild solution (5%) of borac acid in water will dissolve the corrosion without harming the metal contacts. The exact strength of the solution is not very critical at all because borac acid is pretty mild. Be sire to rinse and dry the contacts thoroughly, and don't let any liquids drip into the case...

Re: HP-10 Printing Calculator - David Smith - 07-09-2006

After cleaning the contacts, I go at them with a wire brush in a Dremel tool and then treat them with Caig DeOxit.

After opening the machine, I think you will find corrosion inside.

Re: HP-10 Printing Calculator - Jeff D - 07-11-2006

I got the calculator working the other day and everything functions as it needs to. The battery pack still holds a charge although I will rebuild it. Is there any parts on the inside that are difficult to assemble if I remove the screws for cleaning? I dont think that I will rebuild the printer as it works fine. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Re: HP-10 Printing Calculator - David Smith - 07-12-2006

It can be a bit of a chore getting the thing back together. It is two circuit boards connected together by pins on one board that go into holes on the other. One board is on the top half of the case, the other is on the bottom. They usually go together fairly easily, but if a pin gets bent...