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Allschwil Meeting News - Matthias Wehrli - 07-05-2006

Hi freaks, gurus, users, programmers, and HP-enthusiasts

The date is fixed now: October 28 2006

Finally I have fixed some informations for the next meeting. Please read through the following site:


For the community
Matthias Wehrli

Re: Allschwil Meeting News - Mike (Stgt) - 07-05-2006

Matthias - you may take my attendance as 99% confirmed. I will come by train and - to be not a visitor-only - I'd like to show an Xpander as "Portable Application" (well, only an emulation of it that runs w/o installation directly from an USB memory stick plugged in any Windoze PC). Currently I am not ready with it, but I hope to find some time aside my divorce <G>


Re: Allschwil Meeting News - Matthias Wehrli - 07-05-2006

Coll, so we are at least two ;)

Re: Allschwil Meeting News - Matthias - 07-10-2006

To all interested people. Please drop me a mail and confirm your attendance on the meeting.
For new persons: there is still place to attend. Note: This is THE chance to meet the most important European HP-people.

A small addition: Normally there is no cost for the meeting, only overnight stay, eating has to be paid by you. Maybe I have to add arround 10 Euro this year. I will let you know on my website.