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HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - Namir - 06-20-2006

To Gene (or anyone else connected with planning the HHC2006 conference)

I am very much interested in attending the HHC2006 conference in San Jose. Can I go ahead and make airplane reservations for the dates meantioned in an earlier thread?

I think the conference will be interesting withe the 25th anniversary of the HP-12C and the new HP-50G coming out soon (whenver this summer??). I am also sure Eric Smith has some goodies to show.


Re: HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - Gene - 06-20-2006

I haven't made my reservations yet, but that's just my tardiness. :-)

The decision for San jose is solid. I know the hotel arrangements have been worked out.

I know HP will be attending.

So, if you can get a good flight...go ahead! I'll be doing it before 7/4.


Re: HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - Namir - 06-20-2006

Thanks Gene, I will be making flight arrangements for HHC2006. I have always enjoyed the fellowship and shared stories and memories for all these past years.

See you there!!


Re: HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - marais - 06-21-2006

Do you have an update on the program yet?


HHC2006 program - Gene - 06-21-2006

The program depends upon who is going and what (if anything) attendees might like to talk about.

I plan to attend and will probably give a talk on something (perhaps the 40gs since I did the learning modules for it...perhaps something on the NOVRAM for the HP41...perhaps something for the 12c given its 25th anniversary).

But, the program is usually in flux up until about a week before the actual conference.

Things that most certainly will occur would include:

HP will have a discussion time where they do a question/answer with the attendees.
HP often has a more technical presentation about something.
Paul Hubbard will have a "internet bargain" session.
Wlodek usually has a topic.
Jake has a topic.
I'll have a topic.
Richard will have several topics but only actually present one of them. :D

For a good idea of what has happened the last couple of years, check out the websites for HHC2005, HHC2004, and HHC2003, which are still up (do a google search).

Most of all, come join us. :-)

Re: HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - Tim Wessman - 06-21-2006

Yeah, its a whole lot of fun. This will be my third conference in a row. They are well worth the cost.

I'll be there talking about our data collector proeject. I would also like to do a talk about HPGCC, although I'd like to fly Claudio there to have him talk about it since he knows much more than I.


Re: HHC2006 Question (to Gene?) - Jake Schwartz - 06-27-2006


I emailed Joe Horn today and voila!... the HHC2006 website is now populated with the initial information on the upcoming conference. Check it out at http://holyjoe.net/hhc2006/ for dates, location, etc. and more to come in the next several weeks. See you at the conference this September in San Jose. We've been doin' it since 1979 and it's still enjoyable and educational.

Jake Schwartz

P.S. - If anyone is interested in DVDs from earlier conferences, check my site at http://www.pahhc.org/video.htm on the web.