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HP-97 Display Mode - jyl - 06-02-2006

Please bear with me, I have a new-to-me HP-97 and am still looking for a paper or online manual for it. Until I find the manual . . .

How do I set the display to fixed, 4 decimal places? I've pressed "FIX" but can't specify the number of decimal places.

Re: HP-97 Display Mode - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 06-02-2006

Just press DSP and press the key number relative to the digits after the decimal point you want (IIRC).

Best regards,


Re: HP-97 Display Mode - jyl - 06-02-2006

Thanks so much.

HPs of this vintage are definitely new to me.

Re: HP-97 Display Mode - Thomas Okken - 06-02-2006

The reason why, on the HP-67/97, setting the number of digits (DSP) was separated from setting the display mode (FIX/SCI/ENG) is to make more efficient use of the 256 available opcodes. That's one of the prices you have to pay for those "fully merged" program lines; the P<>S command is another. With 20 labels, GTO+GSB+LBL take up 60 instructions already...

Note how the older HP-25 has FIX/SCI/ENG commands that *do* behave like you would expect.

- Thomas