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loose buttons on HP 12C - James Nelis - 05-30-2006

Hello all,

I've had my 12C for about 3 years now, its a made in China model. After all the recent new models coming out I picked up a spare from ebay incase they get discontinued. This one happened to be a brazilian made one and the buttons dont rattle at all, not that they do much in me other one, but I was wondering if anyone has ever opened one up and cured the rattle, and wouldn't mind telling me how it was done.
Thanks in advance.

Re: loose buttons on HP 12C - Frank Boehm (Germany) - 05-30-2006

It *is* possible to disassemble the 12C keyboard and fix things - but this certainly not for the faint hearted. You need to cut away the little molten plastic pins (a lot of them, maybe 50?) and carefully remove the PCB, clean stuff and replace the foil or whatever. After that, you need to put the PCB back in place and melt every single pin so it's fixed again. If your calculator is working "OK" - don't bother with this operation :)