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repair of HP65 - richard ask - 05-10-2006

I recently bought a HP65 in (I think) good condition. I replaced the battery pack with a brand new one, and turned it on. It started up and I played with it for maybe 10-15 minutes. Worked perfectly. Then did a small program, tested it, worked fine. Finally inserted a magnet card and tried to record data into that. Some mecanic trouble occured and a screaming sound (rubber wheel skidding?) Had to by force pull out the magcard.
And now after this episode the HP is half dead. When powering it on, the display looks okey (with a few stable zeroes in the correct positions), but if i press any key at all, all possible number are moving across the display "everywhere", some positions are having numbers counting up frenetically, and most positions just have flickering random numbers. Now if I turn off power, and on again, it again has the correct steady start up screen with a few zeroes in the correct position, and I can not press any button without it "explodes" again...
Apart from that my card reader needs maintanence/replace, how, if possible, can I get the calculator to work again? Or is it dead and gone?

Re: repair of HP65 - hal - 05-10-2006

Hello Richard.

Was the new battery pack fully charged before you started using the machine? Also, have you tried operation with the AC adapter connected (with the battery pack in place!!)? The card reader draws substantial current even when working and a bad one can draw even more. It sounds to me as if the attempted card read took the battery down to below minimum operating charge.

Best regards, Hal