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HP10C - Thibaut.be - 05-01-2001

Everybody's fighting for the 10C for sale on ebay... Funny :-)

Re: HP10C - Y. Samuel Arai - 05-01-2001

Forget the 10C, what about the 10!

Re: HP19C - Mike - 05-01-2001

I have a 19C. I have been having problems getting it to work. The printer runs "open" and the display does not light. It is in pretty nice condition but it does not run.

Have not given up on fixing it yet, just running out of things to try.

Re: HP19C - stefan (sweden) - 05-06-2001

Hi Mike

I bought a hp19C today in a second hand market for one $. The charger was missing so i dont know if it works. Now to my question: What is the output from the charger. Is it AC or DC. Whitch of the contakts is +. And most important what skall i try to do to awake it (if its not running) I have my doubts.

Re: HP19C - Erik Wahlin - 05-07-2001

The HP-19C used the same charger as the HP41, HP-97 and HP-82143A printers. I believe it was 8V AC.

Re: HP19C - Viktor Toth - 05-08-2001


Make sure you don't try to run your 19C from a charger with no battery pack present. On the other hand, if you have a stabilized 5VDC power supply (NOT a cheap adapter that puts out unregulated DC!!!) you can hook it up directly to the battery contacts in order to test your calculator.


OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - Matt Kernal - 05-08-2001


Just this week I was thinking "I sure wish Viktor was around again". I was even going to write to you and ask how you're doing (since it's been a while since we've had the privilege of your technical knowledge.. Am I sucking up too much? :^).

Now, here you are in person! (so to speak). I just want to encourage you to stop by as often as you can. You're posts are always professional and helpful, with a little humor to boot!

Later Viktor,
Matt Kernal

Re: OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - Viktor Toth - 05-09-2001


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

I still lurk, I was just far too busy over the last month or two, and then I was away on a trip, so only now do I have a chance to settle back to my normal ways. But (just to keep this post on the topic of calculators) my trip was fruitful: I was lucky enough to find a nice condition HP-85 in a second-hand electronics shop in Hungary, and it survived the trip back to Canada intact. This was a machine I dreamed about as a kid... imagine, a real computer on your desk :-)

Now I joined the ranks of those who're looking for a replacement drive belt for that HP-85 printer...


Re: OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - collectors meeting in Europe ??? - Reinhard Hawel - 05-09-2001

I just saw, you were in Hungary in the last time.

There was a diskussion years ago to arrange a collectors meeting in Europe (maybe in Vienna, where I live :-)

If any of the European collectors would be interested I could try to find out, what's to arrange for this time, where the meeting should be and when ...

Anybody interested ? Ouch, another project with much work and no income from it :-)

Please note, that I've never done the organisation of such a meeting before, so it could be, that I even don't know how much work this is... I'd just like to test, if anybody's interested...

Any help for such a project would be more than welcome.


Re: OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - collectors meeting in Europe ??? - Thibaut.be - 05-09-2001

Yes, this would be a great idea.

But as far as I saw we are less than a dozen...

I mean that if you want to organize such a meeting, the first thing would be to ask for how many people are concerned...

Anyway this is a great idea and I'd be delighted to participate to such an event...

Re: HP19C - stefan - 05-09-2001

hi viktor

just for the record it works printer and calc.

Re: OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - collectors meeting in Europe ??? - Raymond Del Tondo - 05-09-2001


maybe if all HP collectors interested in a meeting write an email to a specific person, maybe Reinhard? ;-)
So it would be possible to check how many people would join.



Re: OT: It's GREAT to hear from you Viktor!! - collectors meeting in Europe ??? - Jim - 05-10-2001

please send me info if this will happen..jim