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hp 95lx vs 200lx - Peter Heikkinen - 04-24-2006

I have a question about the 200lx. 95lx has almost all functions of a hp19bii and my question is if the 200lx has it too?

Re: hp 95lx vs 200lx - Mike (Stgt) - 04-24-2006

AFAIK, yes.

But you may google for a similar article like this one at Palmtop Paper. You may even test yourself HP's migration of the HP-19B to DOS in the 100LX Connectivity Pack (the Connectivity Pack _and_ the 100LX OS was compiled from the same source files!). Just get all files (but not the DIRs) from there to your C:\CPACK100 and run APP100.BAT (works best w/o Windoze).


Re: hp 95lx vs 200lx - Marcus von Cube, Germany - 04-24-2006

Hi Peter,

the main difference between the 95 and the 200 is the screen resolution, the latter offers a CGA graphics environment (640x200, BW). Consequently, the system manger application has been enhanced to make use of the graphics capabilities. Dialog boxes, key labels, menues and data screens look much nicer than on the character only 95 screen layout (no touch screen, though.)

The calculator offers:

  1. TVM
  2. Cash flows
  3. %
  4. Solver
  5. Statistics (list based)
  6. Conversions
  7. Scientific calculations (trigs, logs, random#, etc.)
  8. User defined mode
  9. Date arithmetic
  10. Simple arithmetic with memory (M+, RM, ...)
  11. Formats: Fix, Sci, Eng with up to 15 digits or All
  12. Deg/Rad/Grad
  13. Algebraic or UPN with full stack display
  14. Works with Lotus 1-2-3
The statistics, cashflows and solver equations can be plotted with almost the full display resolution.

(I just compared to my recently bought 95lx: The 200 calculator looks like an extension to the 95 calculator application.)

DOS can be called from system manger as a task but with memory restrictions, or, unlike the 95, system manger can be completely stopped and you get a real DOS system.

The card slot supports standard PCMCIA ATA cards, not only SRAM cards like the 95. Mine uses a 16MB CF in a CF to PCMCIA adaptor.

The connectivity pack installs a special version of system mangager in DOS and runs the same applications as the real machine. So you can test the calculator on a DOS system if you like.